MFT Collaboration with Chibitronics Day 4 » Simple By Design


Excited to share with you all today a collaboration with MFT Chibitronics, if you have noticed over the last week or so the design team have been creating cards using the Chibitronics…

I have to be honest, the first go at this, I think I almost pulled my hair out, but once I did it again, I could see the potential and the most excitement for me was when the card lit up it’s little light, now that was fun and I was actually proud of myself for achieving it, as I am not a builder of anything, I look at plans and I look at product and just stare at it, thinking how on earth do I put this thing together LOL..

These fun little Chibitronics kits are actually pretty cool, so if you are into interactive cards and love a little challenge or even want to have fun with your kids, this is for you..

I chose to use the Santa Elves to create my card, stamping out the tree, the Elf and the present, I wanted my star on the tree to light up and although not how I really wanted it to be, it still turned out pretty good, I was meant to take a photo of the inside so it would show how I put it together, but I was just that excited once I got it to work that I sealed it up pretty quickly and forgot to photograph, sorry about that..

Here is a gif. that I put together so you can see my little image light up..

Seriously, it was fun, and I feel anyone really could do this, there are videos out there that can help you too, so run out and get yourself a Chibitronics package and let’s see what you can create..

Being this is the last day of the design team sharing these creations, I sure hope you have all been super inspired, I know I have been blown away with what the team have created..

Make sure to visit the MFT blog today and be sure to comment, for your chance at winning one of this kits to play with for yourself..

Have a great day!